Welcome to DK Software website! It is the home of image cataloguing program PhoA and a number of other ones.

PhoA Logo PhoA screenshots PhoA is an absolutely free program allowing for arranging all your photos and other images the way you could easily find and view them.

The program supports many formats, is flexible and has powerful cataloguing and searching capabilities; it can be distributed on a picture CD or DVD as it doesn't require to be installed and can run on any Windows PC. More

If you are: a designer... a digital still camera owner... a PC user...

PhoA is freeware PhoA is adware-free PhoA is spyware-free


Client SSI Generator Logo Client SSI Generator screenshot Client SSI Generator is a complementary tool for web designers and is intended for imitating processing pages by a SSI server on the client side. It may be used in cases there's no SSI service available on the HTTP server, and higher-level services, such as CGI, ASP or PHP, are also unavailable. More

Client SSI Generator is freeware Client SSI Generator is adware-free Client SSI Generator is spyware-free


DKLang Logo DKLang Localization Package is a set of classes intended to simplify the localization of applications written in Delphi. More

Open source software


Support is available via Forums or by email (I recommend using Forums to get more quick answers).

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What's new

Aug 28, 2005 PhoA 1.1.10 beta
PhoA 1.1.10 beta has been released.
Aug 18, 2005 DKLang Localization Package gallery
I'm planning to set up a kind of DKLang sampler, or gallery.

If you use DKLang for your application, either free or commercial, and would like to let people know that, please send me the following:

  1. Your application name;
  2. A brief application description;
  3. Your (vendor's) name;
  4. Application screenshot, if applicable (preferably in .png format, 1:1 scale);
  5. URL of your website.

And I will publish your entry at the gallery.
Aug 7, 2005 The forum has been restored
I announce with deep regret the attack of the forum this week. This caused all forums, topics and posts be deleted.

Most likely this happened due to vulnerabilities in phpBB engine. The last backup of forum content was made on February 19th Crying or Very sad

Now the forum is functional (and is running the latest version of phpBB), but all posts since February are lost.

Therefore if your post was unanswered please make it again.

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