Donate to the project

Program PhoA is completely free of charge and may be used for any purpose including commercial usage.

But if it has helped you in your activity, why not express your appreciation and ensure the further development by making a donation for PhoA Development Fund? Any amount is accepted!

Presently there are the following ways to make a donation.

Payment using your credit card (PayPal)

PayPal payment system is used. Click the following button to donate using the secure PayPal website. There you'll be able to pay using your Visa card, MasterCard etc:

Payment using WebMoney

The following ways are available:

  • You make a regular transfer to the purse Z621291044951.
  • You buy a WMZ card (however WMR and WME cards are also acceptable) and send me its number and authorization code by e-mail. The card needn't to be entire, in this case I'll authorize the whole rest, or by negotiation. Refer to the WebMoney website for details.

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